Decorative Building Products offer a range of timber gas strut windows also known as servery windows. Gas strut windows are percent for transforming and opening up of internal areas to the outside with modern servery style access. Hinged at the head of the window,  timber gas strut windows are an economical alternative to timber bifold windows, providing maximum opening space and unobstructed views when the window is closed. They can be easily mounted onto a stone bench-top to create a continuous stone servery. Unlike bifolds there are no fixing points required on the benchtop as the sash locks into the jamb.

Custom made to suit every clients specifications our timber gas strut windows may be painted to match any aluminium colour or may be fitted with 152mm or 102mm louvre infills which allow ventilation when the gas strut is in the closed position. All windows are supplied with 2 key locks, one for each jamb with the option of having the sill incorporated into the frame.  Enquire with us to explore the range of Timber Gas Strut Window options today.