As part of our service to clients we manufacture a large range of timber window designs to suit every application. Units are manufactured to comply with the relevant building codes including structure and glazing.

Our range includes : ( But not limited to )

Casement windows : A traditional and functional window type that offers excellent ventilation as the sashes are top hung and push out to capture the prevailing breezes and direct them into your home. These units can span large areas in one run , any amount of sashes can be used in one window section you just keeping adding . With hardware improvement in the last couple of decades larger sashes can now be used up to 800mm wide . We use satin stainless hardware fittings on all our casements . Sashes can be either hung on adjustable friction stays or hinged on quality stainless steel butt hinges the choose is yours.

Awning ( Hopper ) windows: These windows have the same function as casement windows only they are side hinged suited for high level installation when you need ventilation without sacrificing wall space. Very suited for bathroom as well. Window can be fitted with standard push out stainless steel friction stays or fitted with winders when access to operate them is limited.

Louvre windows: These units have been popular for many years and with developments over the years have become a popular choose of many Architects in major renovations and new structures. Blades sizes are 102mm and 152mm and galleries are available in a number of powder coat colour to suit your décor. Louvre clips and handles are also available in White , Black. Off white and grey. Lockable handles are also available as well as security bars. The right choose when you require full ventilation.

Gas Strut windows: These windows are a new addition for architectural applications. larger openings can be achieved with a single sash hinged at the top with satin stainless butt hinges the sashes are fitted with 2 gas strut cylinders for ease of operation. Openings up to 1500 H x 2400 W can be achieved with one sash, This window is used generally as an alternative to bifold windows and are easily screened. With the gas strut operation the sash will not slam close but will ease back into closed position so there is no risk of injury.

Other window options we offer are:

Fixed glass units , Double hungs , bifolds and sliding Read more about these units as you search our site.