Can I get BSA form 15 compliance ?

Yes, Most certainly if you build with our windows !  We manufacture our product to comply with Australian standards all our glazing is processed in Australia to AS 1288. All our joinery is fitted with all the relevant seals to comply with water penetration compliance.

Does the joinery come in standard sizes ?

Yes they do. We have a full range of standard sized joinery in all window and door types. In most cases its wise to have your builder work to one of our standard sizes to save  you money on your next build.

Are standard sizes available in stock ?

No. Given the multitude of products and options we offer unfortunately it’s not possible to keep standard size products in stock. Standard size products are made to order and given that we manufacture standard size doors and sashes in larger quantities we are able to pass on the savings on labour costs. The additional benefit is that we are able to personalise the joinery and hardware specifications specifically to order.

Whats the timeframe for standard size joinery ?

Depending on our work load and size of the order we can assemble your units ready for transport in 10 working days. Custom made joinery will take between 15 and 20 working days.

Do you deliver interstate ?

Yes. Our furniture carrier picks up from our factory every Thursday for delivery to Sydney and Melbourne and towns on route so servicing your area is no problem and freight charges are door to door. Ask us today!

Are the doors and windows delivered fully assembled ?

Yes our joinery can be delivered fully assembled if you require. However, you will need to discuss this with your builder as to the how it will work with your site situation. Units will always be assembled in our factory and if need be knocked down for transport and site accessibility. Once units have been pre hung we know that all is operating and all the sizing is correct.

Do you have a showroom ?

Not quite. As contract trade joiners our showroom is our factory. Prices are kept competitive by not having salesman or showrooms. You are however, welcome at anytime to visit our factory to view products on the floor being manufactured and what you see is what you will receive when your joinery is delivered not a dressed up version in a showroom. You can also talk directly to the people involved in the manufacture of your new joinery.

Can I send my Architects plans ?

Yes as contract joiners we can make exactly to what he has requested. However we will explore the possibilities of using standard product close to what he has drawn this is done on a regular basis and does not detract from the overall aesthetics of the build. And as mentioned previously it will save you money that you can use on something else in the project.

How can I be sure I buying the right product ?

We will guide you through the selection process and once we know your brief we will give you an itemised estimate on your joinery requirements. When you are happy with the estimate and wish to go forward we can talk with your contractor to get the finer details he requires to ensure the joinery fits. Then we prepare a CAD drawing with all the detail noted. You then can confer with your contractor that the details is correct.

We will require written confirmation thatall the detail on the drawings are correct and instructions to commence manufacture. The drawings you confirm are what our joiners will have in the workshop so there is no room for error.