French doors have always been and always will be a architectural feature of any renovation or newly constructed home. They are functional and practical wether being used in Victorian styled architecture of modern designed homes. Being manufactures we can match your existing doors or design a set to compliment the look you are after for your project. Doors can be supplied fully assemble in frames with highlights or side lights or a combination of both. Hardware can be fitted to the units in our factory and can be delivered to you complete no matter where you are. Multi lights and timber bottom panels are available to suit your requirements. doors are standard at 40mm thick and can be rebated as pairs for double door application.

Like all our other joinery products our doors can be glazed in a large variety of glass to comply with energy efficiency requirement. Timber doors do not conduct heat so a higher energy efficiency can be achieved compared to aluminium products. Bush fire ratings can be achieved using New Guinea rosewood or kwila  timber.

Our standard timber is Surian red cedar  which is durability class 1 suitable for external application this timber has a life expectancy of 40 year > other timber options are New Guinea rosewood durability class 2 life expectancy 25 years > or Accoya pine FSC certified this timber is durability class 1 with a life expectancy of 50 years >.

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